Revenge Love Chapter 18

Chapter 18
“Hey, it’s all your fault that we got lost,” say Nadech
“How is it my fault?” ask Yaya
“It’s your fault, because you come here, and I follow you,” say Nadech
“Hey, how is that my fault, you’re the one who follow me,” say Yaya
“No, it’s your fault, if you didn’t come, than I wouldn’t have follow,” say Nadech
“Just stop it,” say Yaya
“It’s still your fault,” say Nadech
Yaya stay still, and Nadech remain silent.
Pidsanu stare at Noey’s face smiling and laughing at the people that are racing. He wish everyday could be like this.
“Do you like it?” ask Pidsanu
“Yes,” say Noey
“May you go on a walk with me?” ask Pidsanu
“Sure,” say Noey
They both walk out of the crowd, and went to the shore of the beach. Gale saw and hurry to follow them.
“How are you these days?” ask Pidsanu
“I’m good,” lied Noey
“That’s good to hear,” say Pidsanu
“Have your parents chose a date for your wedding?” ask Noey
“Noey, I wish you can stop talking about that,” say Pidsanu
“Why?” ask Noey
“I don’t want to hear it,” say Pidsanu
Noey stop.
“May I ask you something?” ask Pidsanu
“Sure,” say Noey
“In your heart, do you still have me?” ask Pidsanu
“Umm… I think we should go back, khun Gale is going to worry,” say Noey, walking away.
Gale look at Pidsanu. He looks sad.
Gale walk back to the crowd.
Noey remember Nadech and went to go find him. She didn’t find him anywhere.
She went to where Pidsanu and Gale are standing next to each other.
“Khun Gale and Pidsanu, have you seen Nadech?” ask Noey, worried.
“No,” both replied
“What’s the matter, khun Noey?” ask Gale
“I can’t find my brother,” replied Noey
“I’ll help you find him,” say Pidsanu
“Yes, let’s tell the owner, and than have a search party,” say Gale
“Yes,” say Noey
Natwara was also looking around for Yaya.
“Pope, do you know where’s Yaya?” ask Nawara
“No, why?” ask Natwara
“I can find her anywhere,” say Natwara
Than she sees, Noey, Gale, and Pidsanu climb up the stage.
“What are they doing up there?!” say Natwara
“Attention, everyone, a person are missing, we need you guys to go back to your room, so we can go find him,” say the owner
“His name is Nadech. If you find them, than please call me,” say the owner
Everyone return to their room, except Natwara and Pope.
They both went up there.
“What!?” say Natwara
Noey look at Natwara. There was no Yaya
“Where’s Yaya? Don’t say that Yaya is also missing, too,” say Noey
“Yes,” say Natwara
“Everyone let’s get going,” say the owner
“Wait, another person is also missing, her name is Yaya,” say Noey
“Oh my,” say the owner
“Attention, everyone, another person is found missing, too, her name is Yaya,” say the owner
“Ok, now everyone, please go your way to find the,” say the owner leaving.
Everyone separate, and went to different places to see if Nadech or Yaya might be there.
“P’Nadech, are you here,” scream Noey
Pidsanu was following behind.
“Wow, you shout pretty loud,” say Pidsanu
“Hey, is that an insult or compliment?!” say Noey
“Both,” say Pidsanu
Noey hit him.
“Hey, come on, let’s get going,” say Pidsanu, holding her hands, and pulling her.
They run for a bit than stop.
“Can you still run?” ask Pidsanu
“Yes,” say Noey
“Let’s run again,” say Pidsanu
“Ka,” say Noey
They were both running, and didn’t pay attention. They ran into the same forest that Nadech and Yaya was lost in. Pidsanu didn’t see that there was a big hole in front of him. He fell in there, and pull Noey along. Noey fell on top of him, and kiss him on his cheek. She got up. Pidsanu got up and also smile.
“Are you ok?” ask Noey
“Yes,” answer Pidsanu
Pidsanu look around.
“This seems like a cave, it’s not that steep to climb out, stand up and hold my hand and lets get up,” say Pidsanu
Noey stand up, but fall back down.
“Are you ok?” ask Pidsanu
“Yes, but I think, I sprain my ankle,” say Noey
“Than I guess, you and me are stuck in here til someone finds us,” say Pidsanu
They both sit still, and remain silent.
“It’s so scary out here,” say Yaya
“I agree,” say Nadech
The sky growled.
“Look like there’s going to be a storm,” say Nadech
“Oh no,” say Yaya
Nadech got up.
“Stop whining, hurry up, let’s go find shelter,” say Nadech
“Ok,” say Yaya, standing up.
“Now where are we going to go?” ask Yaya
“We are going to go find a cave or something,” answer Nadech, leading the way
Yaya follow after him.
Noey hold her arms, she is so cold. Pidsanu notice, and give her, his upper shirt.
“Here this will keep you warm,” say Pidsanu
“But, aren’t you cold,” say Noey
“No,” say Pidsanu, sitting next to her.
“May I,” say Pidsanu, putting his arms around her.
Noey remain silent, and let Pidsanu.
“Hey, about my question ealier, may you answer me now,” say Pidsanu
“What question?” ask Noey
“In your heart, do you still have me?” ask Pidsanu
“Why do you want to know?” ask Noey, turning away
“Because I want you to know that I still haven’t forgotten you,” say Pidsanu
“Don’t say that, you already have a fiance, and she’s a very good fiance,” say Noey
“Noey, can you stop thinking about other people’s feelings, and think of yours,” say Pidsanu
Noey stare into his eyes. She can tell that he really loves her.
“No matter how much I love you, in the end, I’ll still lose you,” say Noey
“But what if a miracle happens,” say Pidsanu
“If a miracle happens than, maybe,” say Noey, trying hard to hold back her tears.
“Noey, I love you,” say Pidsanu
Than he kiss her softly and slowly on the mouth. They both close their eyes, and Noey let her tears stroll down.
“It’s so uncomfortable and cold,” whined Yaya for the 100th time.
“Hey, come one, it’s just a storm, stop whining, I have heard it for like the 100th time already,” say Nadech
“So, you’re not a woman, you don’t get scared easily,” say Yaya
“Hey, not all men are brave,” say Nadech
“Are you referring that to you?!” say Yaya, laughing
“No, I’m brave,” say Nadech
“OK,” say Yaya, still laughing.
“I’m sorry, Noey,” say Pidsanu, pulling away from Noey
Noey look at him.
“It’s ok,” say Noey
They both remain silent.
“Hey,” both say.
“You go first,” say Pidsanu
“About that question, I still have you and my heart, but I know that I have to face reality,” say Noey
Pidsanu smile.
“That’s all I wanted to hear from you,” say Pidsanu
They both remain silent.
“Give me your upper shirt!” order Yaya
“Noway, I’m cold,” say Nadech, holding onto his shirt
“Hey that’s not being a gentleman at all,” say Yaya
“So, I don’t have to be a gentleman with you,” say Nadech, turning his head away
“Hey,” say Yaya, moving closer to him
“Huh?!” say Nadech, turning over not knowing that Yaya was close to him
Their nose touch. They both look deeply into each others eyes. Nadech move close than, slowly kiss Yaya. After a few seconds, Nadech move his lip from her’s.
“Sorry,” say Nadech
“It’s ok,” say Yaya
“Aren’t you going to slap me?” ask Nadech
“Why?” ask Yaya
“Whenever I kiss you, you always slap me,” say Nadech
“Do you want too get slap?!” say Yaya
“No,” say Nadech, moving away.
They both turn the other way, and smile to themselves and blush.
Than Nadech took off his upper shirt and give it to Yaya.
“Here, to keep you warm,” say Nadech, handing her the shirt.
“Thanks,” say Yaya, accepting the shirt.
“What? You guys can’t find them?” say Gale
“Yes, and a storm is coming, so we’ll have to wait til tomorrow,” say the workers
“NO!” yelled Natwara
“Calm down, Nat,” say Pope
“How can I calm down when my sister is missing,” say Natwara
Natwara continues to yell at them, while Gale went to look for Pidsanu. She look at his rooms and everything, but couldn’t find him.
“Where is he?” she thought to herself.
She try calling Pidsanu, but Pidsanu didn’t bring his phone. Than Gale realizes that Gale was also gone.
“It couldn’t have been that they are together,” say Gale
The next morning, the storm stop and the sun shines very bright.
Noey and Pidsanu have already woke up.
“Are you hungry?” ask Pidsanu
“Not really,” answer Noey
“I’m sorry that I got us in this hole,” say Pidsanu
“It’s ok, we could have gone back, but it’s because of my foot,” say Noey
Pidsanu smile.
“Let’s stop blaming ourselves,” say Pidsanu
“Yes,” say Noey
“Are you awake yet?!” say Yaya
“Go away, I need my sleep,” say Nadech, in a sleepy voice
“Wake up,” say Yaya, but Nadech refuse
Than she finally yell one last time, very loud iinto his hear.
“Hey,” say Nadech waking up
“Wake up, you sleepy head,” say Yaya
“Ok,” say Nadech
“What are we going to do now?” ask Yaya
“Just wait,” say Nadech
“If we wait here, we’ll starve to death before any of them come rescue us,” say Yaya
“So,” say Nadech, still half a sleep
“Come on, stop sleeping,” say Yaya
Nadech didn’t answer, and he went to sleep again.
“Hey, have any of you guys look at the forest?” ask the owner
“No, why?” ask one of the workers
“You guys all say you look everywhere in the resort, but have you guys look at the forest?” ask the owner
“No,” say the worker
“Go and look there,” say the owner
“Yes,” say the workers
They all got ready, and went.
Natwara and Gale enter together.
“Have you guys found them yet?” ask Natwara
“No, but we are going to search the forest,” say the owner
“Forest?!” say both
“Yes,” say the owner
Natwara and Gale both went out. Natwara look at Gale.
“Where’s your fiance, and that girl?” ask Natwara
“I don’t know, I think that they got lost on the way because of the storm,” say Gale
“Seriously, you don’t know that Noey girl, I think that she tries to seduce your fiance,” say Natwara
Gale turn to Natwara.
“I believe that khun Noey will never do that,” say Gale
“That means you don’t know her well,” say Natwara
“I don’t care about what you’re saying, I believe that khun Noey is a good person,” say Gale, walking away
“As you wish than,” say Natwara
Pidsanu and Noey heard people’s footsteps and talking.
“Noey, I’ll stand up, and wave to them so they’ll see us, ok, say Pidsanu
“Yes,” say Noey
Pidsanu stand up, and start yelling. The people hear, and came their way.
Pidsanu tell them what happen. They help Noey up, and than took them to the resort.
Yaya was hungry, so she went to find food. She only went a little bit far, than she sees people. They look like the people from the resort, so she call for help.
The people hear and came to Yaya. Yaya took hem to where Nadech is. They wake up Nadech, and they start their way.
“Are you, ok, Noey?” ask Gale
“I’m ok,” say Noey
“Why didn’t you and Pidsanu come back?” ask Gale
“Oh, we were looking for Yaya and Nadech, we didn’t see that there was a big hole, so we fell into it, and I sprain my ankle, so we couldn’t come back,” say Noey
“Oh,” say Gale
“And how are you Pidsanu?” ask Gale
“I’m fine,” say Pidsanu
Than Nadech appeared.
“P’Nadech,” say Noey
Nadech look at Noey.
“Noey, why are you all dirty?” ask Nadech
“I went looking for you, and I fell into a hole, and sprain my ankle,” say Noey
“Oh,” say Nadech, eyeing Pidsanu
“Why were you and Yaya missing?” ask Noey
“Oh, I saw her going to the forest, so I follow her, and than we both reliaze that we were lost,” say Nadech
“Oh,” say Nadech
Pidsanu look at Noey.
“Are you ok?” ask Natwara, when Yaya got to the door
“I’m ok,” say Yaya
“Why are you missing with Nadech? Did he do anything to you?” ask Natwara
“I saw something beauiful and follow it, Nadech follow me, and we got into the forest, and no he didn’t do anything to me,” say Yaya
“Nat, I think we should let Yaya go get her rest,” say Pope
“Ok,” say Natwara
Yaya went to her room.
At night, Pidsanu, Noey , Nadech, and Yaya couldn’t sleep.
They keep on thinking about each other.

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