Revenge Love Chapter 17

Chapter 17
The next  day, the owner of the resort announce that every year, he do an activity with all the people at the beach. He wants to make sure they have fun at his resort, so he always plan an activity every year.
“It’s going to be very exciting,” say Gale
“Yes,” say Noey
“I can’t wait,” say Gale
“Me, either,” say Noey
“What activity, I don’t want to do it,” say Nadech
“P’Nadech,” say Noey
“It’s going to be fun, and if you don want want to participate, than you don’t have too,” say Gale, smiling
“I also don’t want to participate, too,” say Pidsanu
“Hey, don’t copy me,” say Nadech
“Hey, I’m not,” say Pidsanu
“Why?” ask Gale
“I don’t feel like it,” say Pidsanu
“I just don’t want to,” say Nadech
“An activity!?” yelled Yaya
“Yes,” say Pope
“Yaya, be a little quieter,” say Natwara
“Ok, p’Nat, um, p’Pope, what kind of activity?” ask Yaya
“I don’t know yet, but I just want you and Natwara to have fun,” say Pope
They all smile at each other.
“Well than I’m going to go play on the beach for a bit,” say Yaya
“Yes, but don’t cause trouble,” say Natwara
“Yes,” say Yaya, leaving
Than Pope hold Natwara’s hands in his, and say, “Don think too much.”
“Ok,” say Natwara
On the day of the activity, all the people that ar at the resort went to the beach to do the activity. Nadech and Pidsanu didn’t want to go, but Noey and Gale drag them out. When Nadech saw Yaya and Natwara, he decided to join.
“Ok, I’ll join,” say Nadech
“What!?” say Gale and Noey
“I’ll join,” say Nadech
“Really, thanks than,” say Gale
Gale walk over to Pidsanu
“Please join, too,” say Gale
Pidsanu look over at Noey
“Ok, I’ll also join,” say Pidsanu
Gale cheered and they all walk down to the shore.
“I’m so excited,” say Yaya
“Yes,” say Pope
“I don’t really want to do it,” say Natwara
“Come on, Nat,” say Pope
“Ok, I’ll do,” say Natwara
“Yes!” say Yaya
“Today, we are going to have relay races, I will pair you guys up into groups of two,” say the owner of the resort
One of the workers hand him some papers.
“I’ll give you guys each a number, and you’ll have to find that person that have the same number as you,” say the owner
The workers pass out the numbers.
“What number did you get?” ask Gale
“I got number 10,” say Noey
Gale look at her.
“I got 13,” say Gale
“P’Nadech, what number did you get?” ask Noey
“15,” say Nadech
“And you, Pidsanu,” ask Gale
“10,” say Pidsanu
“Ah, you and khun Noey are pairs, I and khun Nadech will have to go find our partners,” say Gale
They all parted.
“I got number 15!” yell Yaya
“Be a little quieter,” say Natwara
“I got number 2,” say Pope
“And you, p’Nat,” say Yaya
“I got number 23,” say Natwara
“Awww… we all got different numbers,” say Yaya
“It”s ok, let’s go find our group,” say Pope
They all also parted.
“Have you guys all find your groups yet? If yes, than please stand over on this side,” say the owner
Nadech look at his number.
“Why is it so hard?” say Nadech, he was mad, because he can’t find his partner.
Yaya was also looking around.
This was taking way too long so the owner decided to call numbers instead.
“Attention, everyone, I’ll just call the numbers,” say the owner
” People that are number 1, please come up and than go stand over there,” say the owner
The owner continue on and on.
“Number 13,” say the owner
“Number 14,” say the owner
“Number 15,” say the owner
Nadech and Yaya both got there at the same time.
They look at each other, and than their number.
“Hey you,” scream both
“Umm, may you two please be a little quieter and get off stage,” say the owner
Natwara was horrified. Noey was also shock.
“Hey, why did you get the same number as me,” say Yaya
“I don’t know, ask the workers,” say Nadech
“Why am I always the unlucky one?” whisper Yaya to  herself
“Hey, I heard all of that,” say Nadech
“So what!?” say Yaya
“Attention everyone, we are going to start the relay races now,” say the owner
“And since there’s a 30 groups in total, I’m going to divided you guys in half, 15 groups go with this side, and the other 15 groups go on the other, go the the right if I call you’re group number,” say the owner
“To the right, numbers 1, 4, 7, 10, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30,” say the owner
“To the left, numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 13, 11, 12, 14, 16, 21, 23, 24, and 25,” say the owner
Yaya, Nadech, Pidsanu, and Noey all move to the right.
“Ok, now follow the workers, and who ever wins this activity will get to come here again next summer for free,” say the own
Everyone cheer.
Nadech hold Yaya’s hand.
“Come one let’s go,” say Nadech
“Hey, I’m not a kid anymore, no need to hold my hand,” say Yaya
“Well, you still act like a kid jumping and playing on the sand,” say Nadech
“Com on follow me,” say one of the workers
“Come on let’s go little kid,” say Nadech
“Hey,” say Yaya
Noey and Pidsanu didn’t speak with each other. Noey quietly follow Pidsanu.
“First thing that you need to do is greet your partner and tell them your name,” say the worker
The place was full of hellos, and names.
Nadech look at Yaya.
“Hey, stop pouting, and introduce yourself,” say Nadech
“Hey, who says I’m pouting, and we already know each other so no need to anymore,” say Yaya
“But, I don’t know you, who are you?” say Nadech
“Hey, stop it,” say Yaya
“Ok, fine, but stop being mad at me ok” say Nadech
“Hello, I’m Pidsanu,” say Pidsnau
“Hello, I’m Noey,” say Noey
Pidsnau was tired of this cold behavior.
“Hey, khun, why are you always acting so cold to me?” ask Pidsanu
“I’m not acting cold,” say Noey
“Yes, you are, every time, I’m near you, you acted as if we don’t know each other,” say Pidsanu, reaching out for Noey’s hands.
“I…,” started Noey
“Attention, if you guys are done, than we’ll get started,” intruppt the worker
Noey turn away. And Pidsanu remain silent.
“The first is the two-legged race, first you need to come and get a rope from me, and than tie you and your partner together, after that you guys will run together to the beach and back, who ever get back first wins” say the worker
“Hey, go get the rope,” say Nadech
“No, you,” say Yaya
“Fine,” say Nadech, going to one of the workers.
“I’ll go get it,” both Noey and Pidsanu say at the same time
“I’ll go,” say Pidsanu
“Ok,” say Noey
Pidsanu walked away.
“Ok please tie you and your partners together,” say the worker
“Stay still,I’ll tie us together,” say Nadech
Yaya remain quiet and watch Nadech.
Nadech wanted Yaya to get annoy so he tried to tie the rope very tight.
“Hey, it’s so tight,” say Yaya
“No, it’s good, this way, we’ll win,” say Nadech
“Hey, fix it right now,” say Yaya
“No,” say Nadech
Yaya bent down to untie, but Nadech grab her and pull her up again.
“I say No,” say Nadech
“So what, it’s uncomfortable,” say Yaya
Nadech hold her tightly.
“Ok, fine,” say Yaya
Nadech smile and let go.
“I’ll tie it,” say Pidsanu
“No, I’ll do it,” say Noey
“It’s ok,” say Pidsanu
“No,” say Noey, coldly.
“Ok,” say Pidsanu
Noey bent down and tied it.
“Ok, everyone ready,” say the worker
“Ready,” yelled everyone
“Ok, ready, set, go,” say the worker
All the pairs start running. Nadech drag Yaya along with him. Pidsanu and Noey slowly jogged.
“Hey, hurry up,” say Nadech
“Will let go than,” say Yaya
“Stop talking, and help me,” say Nadech
“Hey,” say Yaya, but her voice was lost in the shoutings of people
“Can you still go?” ask Pidsanu
“Yes,” say Noey
Nadech and Yaya got 2nd place, while Noey and Pidsanu got 10th.
“Good works, guys, please turn to your partner and say good work to them” say the workers
Everyone did that, And for once Nadech and Yaya did it without complaining.
After that they do 5 more races, than they declare the winners.
Yaya and Nadech won 0 games out of the 6 races. Pidsanu and Noey also didn’t have much luck either.
It turns out number 17, 18, and 1 won the most.
Number 17: 2
Number 18: 2
Number 1: 1
They all went back to the place where the owner is to do the final races. Yaya was bored, and want to wander off the beach. Nadech saw her and follow.
Yaya walk on and saw something, she follow that thing, and Nadech follow her. They walk on and on. Yaya saw that it was a beautiful shell. She like it. She turn around and look around. All around her are just forest full of trees, and nature.(The resort have a forest for people to tour, and the forest is not that big.)
“Oh no, I don’t know where I am,” say Yaya
“Hey,” say Nadech
Yaya turn away, frighten by the voice.
When she saw that it was Nadech, her hopes went up.
“Hey, do you know the way back,” say Yaya
“What way back?” ask Nadech confuse
“They way back to the beach,” say Yaya
Nadech look around him. He notice that he was in the forest. He don’t know where he is also.
“I also don’t know,” say Nadech
“Oh no,” say Yaya

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