Revenge Love Chapter 16

Chapter 16
Gale decided to visit Noey. She went and ask Pidsanu for directions.
“Why do you want to know where her house is?” ask Pidsanu
“I want to see if she got well yet,” say Gale
“OK, I tell you the way,” say Pidsanu
After that Gale left and went to Noey’s house. She ring the door bell, and the maid open it. She invited Gale in , and tell Noey.
“Hello, khun Gale,” say Noey
“Hello, khun Noey,” say Gale
“How are you?” ask Noey
“I’m fine, and you, how are you feeling?” ask Gale
“I’m also getting better,” say Noey
“Oh yeah, I know that we only know each other for a short time, but I want to take you to go have fun at a beach resort,” say Gale
“I’ll have to  get permission from my brother,” say Noey
“It’s ok, oh and yeah, you can also invite your brother, and I’ll invite Pidsanu,” say Gale
“Ka,” say Noey
They chatted for a little while, than Gale left.
Pope came by Natwara and Yaya’s house. He have some news for them.
“Hello, khun Natwara and Yaya,” say Pope
“Hello,” say both
“I have something exciting for us,” say Pope
“What is it?” Yaya blurt out
“I found this one place at a beach resort, so I wanted you two to go on vacation with me,” say Pope
“I’ll love too,” Yaya blurt out again
“Yaya, your manners,” say Natwara
“I’m sorry,” say Yaya
“I’ll see if I have time,” say Natwara
“Ok, but I really want you guys to come,” say Pope
“Going on a beach vacation?” say Nadech
“Yes, p’Nadech,” say Noey
“Are you sure you want to go?” ask Nadech
“Of course,” say Noey
“Noey, aren’t you hurt enough already?” ask Nadech
Noey give him a frown.
“I’ll tell you what, khun Gale is a nice person, if Pidsanu marries her, than I’ll be ok with it,” say Noey, looking down at her hands.
“Ok if that’s what you want,” say Nadech
“Thanks p’Nadech,” say Noey
“Are you all set?” ask Pope
“Yes,” say Yaya loudly
“Yaya, why are you being so loud?” say Natwara
“It’s because she’s happy,” say Pope
“Yes,” say Yaya
“If you’re all set, than I’ll going,” say the driver
For the rest of the way, Yaya kept screaming, and Natwara kept reminding her that she have to be quiet. Pope was happen, since every one here is happy. Natwara is also happy, too. Yaya wish everyday will be like this, too.
“Thanks, p’Pope,” say Yaya
“Your welcome,” say Natwara
“Are you guys ready?” ask Gale
“Yes,” say everyone
“OK than we’re leaving,” say Gale
Nadech is sitting in the front sit with the driver. Gale and Noey are sitting next to each other, while Pidsanu sit at the back. Everyone is uncomfortable, except Gale.
“Why aren’t  you guys smiling?” ask Gale
“I don’t like to smile, it hurts my mouth,” say Nadech, rudely
“P’Nadech,” say Noey
“Sorry for my brothet,” say Noey
“It’s ok,” say Gale, smiling. Noey smile back.
Gale keep asking her question after questions on the rides.
“Yeeeessss, we’re here!” Yaya yelled excitedly
“Quiet down, Yaya,” say Natwara
“It’s ok, you can scream as much as you want here,” say Pope
Yaya ran back in forth on the sand.
“She’s really hyper, let’s take the stuffs to our room” say Pope
“Yes,” say Natwara, happily
Pope look at Natwara the whole way, he have never seen her this happy.
“We’re here,” say Gale, happily
Everyone got out. Gale drag Noey along with her running on the sand. Pidsanu and Nadech took all the stuffs inside.
“I’m so glad you came,” say Gale
“Why wouldn’t I?” say Noey
“Let’s go have fun,” say Gale
They run for a while, than they went to their room.
Nadech went to look around. He was annoyed and didn’t want to come, but it was for Noey’s own good. He look at the beach, than he saw a girl running wildly out there. He started laughing, and walk closer to have a closer view.
He saw that it was Yaya. He laugh harder. Yaya notice and turn around. He saw Nadech. He walk to Nadech.
“Hey, why are you here, don’t say you follow me?” say Yaya
“No, I didn’t follow you, I don’t even what to come here, but it’s for Noey,” say Nadech
“Yeah, I think you need to stop baby-sitting her, she’s already grown up,” say Yaya
“Hey stop right now, or I’ll throw these sand in your face,” say Nadech
“Try than,” say Yaya, running away
They chase each other, and try to throw sand at each other. Natwara came outside to tell Yaya that it was lunch time. She saw Yaya with Nadech, she was mad. But she walk over to Yaya. Nadech didn’t see her, and accidentally throw some sand on her dress.
“Aaaahhhhh…,” scream Natwara
“P’Nat,” say Yaya
Natwara turns to Nadech. She slaps.
“Remember don’t do this to me, again,” say Natwara
Nadech touch his cheek that was slap.
“P’Nat,” say Yaya
Yaya walk Natwara away. She turns back and look at Nadech. Nadech look hurt and sad.
“Why are you guys all so sad?” ask Gale, the third time
“Huh,” say all of them at the same time
Gale repeated. They all say nothing.
“Don’t be sad anymore, if you guys are sad, than I’m sad, too, and no one will be having fun,” say Gale
Nadech walk away.
“Excuse me,” say Noey, as she follow Nadech
When they got outside, Noey look at Nadech’s face and see a red mark.
“What happen to you’re cheek, p’Nadech?” ask Noey
“It’s nothing,” say Nadech
“Don’t lie. From this red mark, I can tell that you got slap, who slap you?” ask Noey
Nadech ignore.
“P’Nadech,” say Noey
“Someone accidentally slap me,” say Nadech
Noey knows that Nadech wouldn’t say the truth, so Noey went away.
Nadech thought to himself.
“Why did you slap him?” ask Yaya
“Didn’t you see, he purposely throw sand at me,” say Nadech
“He didn’t mean it, he was throwing it at me, not you,” say Yaya
“Why are you always siding with him?!” say Natwara
“I’m not, I stating the truth from what I saw,” say Yaya
“From what you saw, yes, I’m always the wrong one in your eyes,” say Natwara, walking away.
“What happen?” say Pope coming out.
“Nothing, p’Nat and I just have a fight,” say Yaya
“What?” say Pope
“Yes, Nadech and they are also here, too,” say Natwara
“Is that the reason why you’re mad?” ask Pope
“Yes,” say Natwara
“It’s just a little problem, you don’t need to be that mad and ruin your mood,” say Pope
“But…,” say Natwara
“No, just have fun and don’t mind others,” say Pope
“Yes,” say Natwara, but she’ll never leave them alone.
Natwara stalk Nadech and all the people that are with him. She notice that everyone wasn’t happy expect a girl that she doesn’t know. She wants to ruin the happiness.

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