Revenge Love Chapter 14

Chapter 14
Yaya woke up before Nadech did. When Nadech woke up, both of them waited in the car til someone come, so they can ask for help.
“How’s your sleep?” ask Nadech
“It’s was ok,” replied Yaya
“Did you have any dreams about me?” ask Nadech
“What?” ask Yaya
“You didn’t remember anything we did last night?” tease Nadech
“What? Hey tell me right now what did you do to me last night,” say Yaya
“I just…” say Nadech touching her cheek
“Hey, tell me right now?” say Yaya, mad
Nadech started laughing.
“Hey you, why did you tease me?” yell Yaya, hitting him
“Stop,” say Nadech still laughing.
The boss came, and saw them.
“What are they doing?” he thought to himself.
Than Nadech and Yaya notice that the boss is here and staring at them. They both stop and got out.
“Hello,” say Nadech and Yaya
“Hello,” say the boss, confuse why they are together
Nadech and Yaya notice, and they explain to him.
After that, Nadech and Yaya took a taxi home, and went to go get clean.
Nadech got home. He went to his room, and took a shower. After that, he notice that something was completely wrong. He went to Noey’s room and saw her sleeping.
“What’s wrong?” ask Nadech, feeling her head, and holding her hands.
“I’m ok,” say Noey
“What are you saying? You have a fever,” say Nadech
“I’m ok, p’Nadech, don’t worry,” say Noey, weakly
Nadech call a maid and ask her to call the hospital.
When Yaya got home, Natwara question her.
“Where did you go all night?” ask Natwara
“My car broke down, and I forgot my cell phone,” say Yaya
“Really,” say Natwara, not believing her.
“Believe me or not, it’s up to you,” say Yaya, walking to her room.
Natwara was mad. “How could Yaya say that to her?”
After the shower, Yaya got ready and went to work.  When she got to work, she notice that Noey wasn’t at work.
Nadech took Noey to the hospital. The doctor says that she have a high fever, and needs to rest. Nadech stay with Noey at the hospital.
“You don’t have to stay with me, p’Nadech, go to work,” say Noey
“It’s ok, I’m more worry about you than work,” say Nadech
“But…,” say Noey
“Don’t talk anymore, get rest first,” say Nadech
Noey stop talking, and Nadech also remain silent. After a while, Nadech went home.
When Nadech got home, he heard Noey’s phone ringing.
“Hello,” say Nadech
“Hello, is Noey there?” ask Pidsanu
“Who is this?” ask Nadech
“I’m Pidsanu,” say Pidsanu
“Oh you, why do you want to talk to Noey about?” ask Nadech
“I wanted to talk to her in private,” say Pidsanu
“Ok than, she’s at the hospital, because she have a high fever,” say Nadech
“What? The hospital?” ask Pidsanu
“Yes,” say Pidsanu
“Ok thanks,” say Pidsanu as he hung up
After that Pidsanu got ready to go see Noey, but his parents obstruct his way. They wanted him to meet his fiance.
“Mom and dad, please, I have urgent work,” say Pidsanu
“What urgent work, I already talk to your assistant, and there was nothing on your schedule,” say his mother
“But my assistant doesn’t know anything about this,” protest Pidsanu
“Come on, you just want to run away from this problem,” say his parents, dragging him out.
Yaya came to the hospital to visit Noey. She was worry about her.
“Hello, Khun Noey,” say Yaya
“Hello, Khun Yaya,” say Noey
“What’s wrong?” ask Yaya
“Nothing, I just have a high fever, so I needed so rest,” say Noey
“Oh,” say Yaya
Noey and Yaya didn’t notice that Nadech in the room.
“It’s good that she didn’t died yet,” say Nadech
“Hey you, why are you cursing your own sister?” say Yaya
“I’m not cursing, I’m just telling the person that wanted my sister to died,” say Nadech
“Hey are you saying I’m that person?” say Yaya
“Of course if it’s not you, than who is it than?” say Nadech
“You’re getting on my nerve,” say Yaya
“So what?” ask Nadech
Yaya start hitting him. Noey laugh.
Pidsanu is sitting uncomfortably with his parents waiting for his fiance and her parents. Finally they came.
“Hello,” say the fiance’s parents and her
“Hello,” say Pidsanu and his parents.
“So this is Pidsanu,” say the fiance’s parents
“Yes,and is this Khun Gale” say his parents
“Yes,” replied Gale’s parents
His parents nudge him.
“Um…, Khun Gale, your very beautiful,” say Pidsanu
“Thank you,” say Gale
“What about this, Pidsanu, you take her to go shopping and have fun while us elders talk, ok,” say his mother, winking at him with one eye
“Yes,” say Pidsanu
Pidsanu took Gale to tour the mall and shop.
Nadech was doing some business at the same mall. He saw Pidsanu with his fiance, and was mad, since he thought Pidsanu is cheating on Noey. He walk over to them.
“May I please have a talk with you?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Pidsanu, he told Gale to wait there.
Nadech and Pidsanu walked away.
“Why did you do this to my sister?” ask Nadech
“Do what?” ask Pidsanu
He punched Pidsanu.
“If you don’t like my sister, you don’t have to do this to her,” say Nadech
“Nadech, I’m not cheating on Noey, I love her, and I will never purposely hurt her,” say Pidsanu
“Stop your lies, I don’t believe you, don’t ever show your face again” say Nadech, walking away.
Gale walk up to Pidsanu.
“Are you ok?” ask Gale
“I’m fine,” say Pidsanu
Nadech went to the hospital to go talk to Noey about the problem.
“Hello, p’Nadech,” say Noey
“It was him right?” say Nadech
“What are you talking about?” ask Noey
“Pidsanu made you hurt right?” ask Nadech
“P’Nadech listen to this, Pidsanu didn’t do anything to me, our relationship can’t go on anymore, because he’s already engage,” say Noey, crying.
Nadech went and comfort him.
“It’s ok, we can always start over, nothing’s too late to restart,” say Nadech
Yaya was visiting, but when she sees Nadech and Noey like that, she didn’t want to ruin their moment, so she decided to go.
“Where did you go?” ask Natwara
“To work,” say Yaya
“I don’t believe you, you have been visiting Noey right,” say Natwara
“Yes, that too,” say Yaya
“You can’t do that anymore, remember they’re our enemies,” say Natwara
“But why are they our enemies?” ask Yaya
“Because they are evil people,” say Natwara
Yaya was annoyed by her sisters words, so she walk away.

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