Revenge Love Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Nadech woke up early in the morning and went straight to Yaya and Noey’s workplace. He’s going to make Yaya regret not apologizing to him the other day. When he got there, he waited until the boss come. When the boss came, he was surprise that Nadech was there.
“Hello, khun Nadech, why are you here?” ask the boss
“Hello, I have something to talk to you,” say Nadech
“Yes, please come inside,” say the boss
They both went inside.
“So what’s the matter?” ask the boss
“One of your worker is disrespecting me, I want you to take half of her salary away for 2 months, and make her work sun up til sun down,” say Nadech
“What? That harsh,” say the boss
“I don’t care, harsh or not, you’ll still have punish that person,” say Nadech
“Ok, tell me who it is,” say the boss
“Yaya Wongwasana,” say Nadech
“But, Yaya is good person and she already work too hard,” say the boss
“If you protest one more time, this time I will make sure you company goes bankrupt,” say Nadech, mad
“Ok, ok,” say the boss
When Yaya got to work, she was call to the boss’s office.
“Yaya, I’m cutting half of your salary for 2 months, and you have to work at 6:00 a.m until 6:00 p.m starting tomorrow,” say the boss
“What?” say Yaya, than she thought about Nadech.
“Was this all his doing?” say Yaya
“Yes, it’s khun Nadech, I’m really sorry that I can’t help you,” say the boss
“It’s ok, it’s not your fault, it’s his fault,” say Yaya, mad at Nadech.
“You can go back to work now,” say the boss
“Yes,” say Yaya
Nadech walk into Yaya’s office.
“How is it? Do you regret now?” ask Nadech, happy.
“No, I didn’t regret it. Working more will help me develop, and cutting half of my salary will help me save my money,” say Yaya
Nadech was mad.
“OK, than, since you’re so tough right now, I’ll see if you’ll still be tough in  a few days,” say Nadech, walking out.
Every day, Yaya have to wake up at 5:00 a.m. to get ready. She’s exhausted, but she will not give in to Nadech. Everyday, Nadech will also wake up early to go see if Yaya’s there. He always see Yaya. That makes him mad.  One morning, he got out of his car and went to talk with Yaya.
“Hello, khun Yaya,” say Nadech, annoyingly
Yaya ignore and went inside. Nadech follow her.
“Do you need help with anything?” ask Nadech
“Leave me alone and get out of here,” say Yaya
“Why?” ask Nadech
“I thought you want me to work hard, if you don’t leave than I’ll leave and you can do all these works,” say Yaya
Nadech got annoyed and left.
“Why is she so hard to win over.” Nadech thought to himself.
It was late, and Yaya got home. Natwara notices that Yaya is tired everyday from work, so she ask her about her work.
“Why do you go so early to work? Doesn’t it start at 8:00 a.m.? And doesn’t it end at 5:00 p.m.?” ask Natwara
“Oh, I wanted to work more,” say Yaya, exhausted
“Why?” ask Natwara
“I want to get more experience, before I come and work with you at our company,” say Yaya
“That’s good than,” lied Natwara. The truth is she doesn’t want Yaya to work at their company because she’s scared Yaya might take over.
It was Noey and Pidsanu’s first date, and Noey is nervous. They both want to meet each other at Noey’s favorite place. Noey got there early. She waited for Pidsanu and try not to be nervous. Pidsanu was 20 minutes late, but Noey didn’t mind. Than Pidsanu came. He wasn’t smiling, he was frowning.
“Hey, why did you come so late,” tease Noey
“I’m sorry,” say Pidsanu
Noey start walking, but Pidsanu grab her arm, and hug her.
“I have something to tell you,” say Pidsanu, sadly
Noey suspect something’s wrong, but pretend to be happy.
“What is it?” say Noey
“I have a fiance,” say Pidsanu
Noey’s happy feelings dropped. She was about to cry.
“It’s not like I want to marry her, it’s my parents’ choice, I…” say Pidsanu
“I understand,” interrupt Noey,” your parents only want good for you.”
“I…” Pidsanu started again
“Good bye,” say Noey, than she walked away.
Pidsanu look up at the sky, it was going to rain.
Nadech was in his car, waiting for Yaya. He look for her through the window glass. He saw her working gracefully. Than Yaya came out, she was going to go to her car, to go home. When she got inside, she started her car, but her car didn’t go. Nadech notice and went to help her.
“Go away, I don’t need help,” say Yaya
“Stop being arrogant,” say Nadech
Than the rain start pouring.
“I think we should go in my car,” say Nadech
“No,” say Yaya
Nadech grab her, and force her into his car. He started his car, but it wouldn’t start.
“See, your car doesn’t work either, I could have just go get a taxi” say Yaya
“OK, than go, go get a taxi, I’ll see if any taxi will stop for you in this weather,” say Nadech
“Hey,” say Yaya
“See, you didn’t go,” say Nadech
The rain start pouring harder.
“What do we do now?” ask Yaya
“I’ll call Noey,” say Nadech getting out his cell phone. His phone was out of battery, so he ask Yaya.
“Mine’s out of battery, and what about yours?” say Nadech
Yaya look in  her purse. She remember that she didn’t bring her cell phone and have lock her keys in the building.
“Hey, I didn’t bring mine,” say Yaya
“This is bad,” say Nadech
“What do we do now?” ask Yaya
“We’ll have to wait til tomorrow,” say Nadech
They both sat quietly in the car.
Noey got home, and went to her room. She still couldn’t believe what Pidsanu tell her. She started crying. She didn’t even tell her feelings about him to him. She was so sad that she forgot that Nadech wasn’t home.
Pidsanu also went home and cry too. He has the same feelings for Noey, and was mad at himself for not being able to tell her.
Natwara is waiting for Yaya. She’s mad that Yaya haven’t got home yet. She call some of her friends, but they say they don’t know.
It was midnight, and Yaya and Nadech are sittiing in the car. Yaya drifted to sleep. Nadech look at her.
“You’re pretty cute, when you’re not fighting with me,” say Nadech
He give her a kiss and the check than also feel asleep.

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