Revenge Love Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Natwara was sitting at the dining table. The maid brought in the newspaper and give it to Natwara. Natwara look at the front cover. The picture was of Nadech and Yaya kissing. The headline says that was Nadech’s girlfriend. She was furious with Yaya. When Yaya got to the dining table, Natwara start questioning her.
“What is this?” ask Natwara, throwing the newspaper at Yaya
Yaya look at the newspaper, and saw the picture.
“P’Nat, this is not true,” say Yaya
“How can it not be true? The picture is so clear. I told you, haven’t I, that he’s our enemy, but you never listen, do you,” yelled Natwara
Yaya started crying.
“Stop faking,” yell Natwara, walking to over to her. She starts pinching her, like when they were small.
Pope burst in, and notice that Natwara is hurting Yaya. He stop Natwara. He comfort Yaya in his arms.
“Why are you doing this to you sister, Nat?” ask Pope
“She ruin my image! She’s an ungrateful sister!” yelled Natwara
“No, you got it wrong, the person who is at fault is that guy, not Yaya. That guy hates you and Yaya, that why he plan to do this, to make you guys hurt,” say Pope
Natwara remain silent and walk to her room. Pope look at Yaya.
“Are you ok?” ask Pope
Yaya was still crying, but she answered him.
“I’m ok, thank you, p’Pope,” say Yaya
“It’s ok, next time, don’t just stand there and let your sister hit you,” say Pope, looking at Yaya and taking pity at her. He knows what kind of person Natwara is.
Pope stay and help Yaya put ointment on her bruises.
“Thank you, p’Pope,” say Yaya
“Your welcome, I think that you shouldn’t go to work today” say Pope
“It’s ok,” say Yaya
Noey was surprised when she saw what’s on the newspaper. When Nadech came down to the dining table, Noey question him.
“What’s this?” ask Noey, handing the newspaper to Nadech.
Nadech look at the newspaper, and smile.
“Right now, they must be fighting,” say Nadech
“What?” say Noey
“Nothing. Didn’t you say tell me yesterday that we have to win them?” say Nadech
“Oh, so this is you’re way of ruining them?” ask Noey
Nadech doesn’t answer.
Yaya got to work, and every of the workers are staring at her. They are whispering and gossiping to each other about last night’s event and what’s on the newspaper. Yaya felt very uncomfortable, but she endure it. Noey notice, and she just couldn’t stand it. She knows that it’s very embarassing, so she went over to Yaya.
“Are you ok?” ask Noey
Yaya look up, and saw Noey, she doesn’t want to be mean, but the problem is big this time, so she can’t calm down.
“You and your brother is very happy now, right?” say Yaya
“What are you saying?” ask Noey
“Go ahead, hurt me more, I’ll show you that a person like me will never give up on just a little thing like this,” say Yaya
Noey was about to speak again, but Yaya stop her and tell her to get out.
At lunchtime, Yaya ate alone. Nadech came and pick up Noey to go have lunch.
“P’Nadech, ka, don’t you think we’re being too mean to khun Yaya?” ask Noey
Nadech stop eating.
“Too mean? That is just a little. Why are you protecting her? Remember, she and her sister made you hurt,” say Nadech
“But, don’t you feel sorry for khun Yaya? Just a little bit,” say Noey
Nadech try to look annoyed with Yaya, but deep inside him, he feel gulity.
“No. And if you’re going to talk only about this than, I’m not staying,” say Nadech
“Ok, than,” say Noey
When it was time to go home, Nadech send a text message to Yaya to meet him. Yaya decided that it’s not worth her time, so she just delete the message, and went to her car. But it was too late, Nadech was waiting for her outside. Nadech spotted her,and went to her.
“Why are you trying to run away? You’re scared right?” say Nadech
“A person like me will never be scared or run away,” say Yaya
“Are you sure?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” say Yaya, than Nadech notice Yaya’s bruises.
“What happen to your hand?” ask Nadech
Yaya hid her hand and tell him it was nothing. Nadech also pretend it was nothing too, and got back to their argument.
“Than why didn’t you come see me than,” say Nadech
“Because I didn’t want to. I don’t want to waste my time with a person like you. You always do everything wrong, than you take it out on an innocent person like me and my sister. Don’t you feel a bit guilty of what you did last night? And I guess a person like you don’t even know how to apologize” say Yaya.
Nadech was hurted by all of those insults. He remain quiet.
“I guess you don’t have anything more to add, good bye,” say Yaya, walking away.
Nadech is not going to let Yaya off the hook easily, so he grab her arm and force her to say sorry.
“I’ll never say sorry to a person like you,” say Yaya
“Are you sure?” ask Nadech
“Even if I die here, I’ll never say it,” say Yaya
Nadech was about to kiss her again, but Noey came in time.
“I’m ready, p’Nadech,” say Noey.
Nadech let go of Yaya’s arm, and when to his car. Noey walk over to Yaya.
“Sorry, this is the only way I can repay you,” say Noey than she walk away.
Yaya was confused. She didn’t help Noey with anything, so why did Noey say that.
Nadech was mad at Yaya very much. But he decides to give her another chance. He text her. Yaya decided not to go, but she didn’t want to ran away from this problem so she went.
“I thought you wouldn’t come,” say Nadech
“A person like me never run away from small problem like this,” say Yaya
“Oh really,” say Nadech
“Say what you want to say right now, I don’t have time to waste,” say Yaya
“I am giving you another chance to apologize to me,” say Nadech
“What? Didn’t you hear, I say that even if I died I’ll never apologize to you,” say Yaya
“Are you sure?” ask Nadech, mad
“Of course,” say Yaya
“You’ll regret it,” say Nadech madly, as he walk away.
Yaya stand there, while Nadech went back home. Yaya keep on telling herself that she is not going to regret.
When Nadech got home, he stormed inside, and went to his room. He hit the wall hard, and his hand bleed.
“How could a girl like Yaya say that to him?” he thought
“Well, she’s going to regret now!” he thought
He hit the wall some more. Noey heard and went to his room. She saw the blood, and took him to bandaged his wound.
“Why did you hit the wall?” ask Noey
“I was practicing, and I hit it a little to hard,” answer Nadech
Noey tell him to be careful next time. She knows it was because of Yaya

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