Revenge Love Chapter 10

Chapter 10 
“I’m not going to work today,” say Yaya
“Why not?” say Natwara
“I don’t feel well,” say Yaya
“Well, you have too. We can’t lose to them, don’t you know that boss already accept that Noey girl to work,” say Natwara
“P’Nat, is this what you only worry about?” ask Yaya
“Yes, that’s right,” say Natwara
Yaya frown to herself, and keep on eating her breakfast. Natwara look at her to whole time.
“I’ll send you to work today,” say Nadech
“Really,” say Noey, excitedly
“Yes,” say Nadech
After they finish their breakfast, they got into the car and Nadech drove the to the workplace.
“Thanks, p’Nadech,” say Noey, as she got out of the car
“Yes, have a good day and don’t find trouble for anyone,” say Nadech
“Ok, good bye than,” say Noey
Noey went inside. Nadech look around to see if Yaya is there yet. Than he spotted Yaya going in. He got out, and ran to Yaya. He stop her in front of the door.
“What do you want now?” say Yaya, annoyed
“I want to  have lunch with you,” say Nadech, trying to sound nice
“Why? You want to leave me on the sidewalk again, and let me walk home,” say Yaya
“No, I really mean it, please, ” say Nadech
“Fine, I’ll go,” say Yaya
“OK, than I’ll come pick you up at 12:00,” say Nadech
He walked back to his car. Yaya thought that Nadech was strange today.
At 12:00, Nadech came and pick up Yaya. They went to a fancy restaurant.
“What do you want to eat?” ask Nadech
Yaya remain silent. Nadech wanted to get on going with his plan so he lean close to Yaya. The real thing, why he is being nice to Yaya is because he want Natwara and Yaya to have problem. He hired someone to take pictures of them. Yaya didn’t notice. After that, Nadech drove Yaya to work again.
“You’re not going to say thank you?” say Nadech
“Thank you,” say Yaya, than she walk into the building
Nadech smiled to himself.
Natwara was in a meeting, when Nadech send the pictures to her. After her meeting, she was happy because her company was doing good. But when she saw the pictures of Nadech and Yaya together, she was furious.
When Yaya got home, Natwara starts yelling at her, and questioning her about Nadech.
“Why are you with him? You know he is our enemy,” scream Natwara in Yaya’s face.
“What are you talking about?” ask Yaya, confused
Natwara got he phone out and show Yaya the pictures. Yaya look at it was shocked. So this was all his plan. He want her and her sister to fight.
“P’Nat, it’s not true, I’m not creating love with him. I’m not betraying you,” say Yaya
“I don’t believe you!” screamed Natwara
“P’Nat, I…” say Yaya
“Don’t say anything, I don’t want to hear,” say Natwara
Natwara went to her room and lock herself in. Yaya knock on her door, but she ignore.
“I’m not going to lose esaily,” say Natwara to herself.
Yaya went to Nadech’s house to scold him about the problem. When she got to his house, she ring the bell, and a maid open it. She got inside the house and went into the dining room. Nadech was having his dinner. Noey wasn’t home yet.
“This was all your plan,” say Yaya, booming in.
“Oh, khun Yaya, welcome,  are you here to eat dinner with me too,” say Nadech
“Stop it, it was all your plan that you set up, right,” say Yaya
“Um, what plan?” ask Nadech
“You take me out to lunch because you want to make my sister and me fight right,” say Yaya
“That’s right,” say Nadech, happily
“Why did you do it? If you want to hurt my family, than hurt me only, don’t get my sister involved,” say Yaya
“Really, so do you mean I can do anything to you?” ask Nadech
“Yes, but under one condition, you can’t hurt my sister, or any of the ones I love,” say Yaya.
“OK, sit here and lets talk about it,” say Nadech
Yaya sat down, but kept her eyes on Nadech.
“Ok, just a while ago, you say I can do anything, so can I do this,” say Nadech, than he kiss her on the cheek. Yaya was froze for a few seconds, than she realized that he just kiss her. She was mad, and she reach for his glass of water and splash it on his face.
“Don’t be a pervert with me, I dislike it, and if you do like this next time, you’ll get more hurt,” say Yaya.
After that she walked out.
Nadech smile to himself, and whisper the word pervert to himself.
Noey got back, and saw Yaya leaving her house. She got curious, and ran inside. She saw Nadech at the dining table, his face and hair was wet.
“P’Nadech, what happen? What did that Yaya girl do to you?” ask Noey
“Nothing,” say Nadech, getting out of his seat and going to his room.
Noey stare at him curiously.
Nadech keep on think about the time that he kiss Yaya on the cheek.
Yaya is also thinking about that time, too.

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