Messy Circle of Love Part 1&2

My 2nd FF. Please support me in this one! 😀


There’s going to be 2 parts in this FF. Part 1 is where all the problems begin, and Part 2 is where there’s a lot of problem, and the problems ending, too. 


                                            Messy Circle of Love Part 1

Nadech’s family move to the countryside because of his dad’s work. He is an only child, and only 5 years old when he move there. When he first got there, he hate it. Kimberly is a country girl who lives there. She became friends with Nadech, and as time goes on, they develop feelings for each other. But at age 15, Nadech’s parents move back. Will their love last now? 
Mark, Bie, and Noona are all best friends. They have been friends ever since they were 5. But Noona develop a feeling for Mark, but Bie also develop a feeling for Noona. On her 20th birhday, she decides tell Mark. Will this thing call love ruin their friendship?
James and Chailda have been dating for a long time now, but they are having trouble with each other. James is cheating on her, but she refuse to leave him. No matter how much he hurts her, she endures it. Her friend, Natwara, try to talk her about breaking up with James, but she wouldn’t listen. But in the end will her trust come back and hurt her? 
Boy is a guy that has been hurt many times by women. He doen’t believe in love anymore. Marie is a girl who have always believe in love. What will happen if these two met each other?
After losing Kim, Nadech met Yaya. Yaya is an orphan. Yaya help Nadech control his crazy life. They fell in love. And got married, but his parents have already made plan for his whole future for him. They don’t want him to get marry or have any friends. But will that stop Nadech from doing all the stuffs he wants?
Tah is Yaya’s protective brother. He likes Yaya’s best friend, Margie. But Margie thinks that he’s too young for her. Tah doesn’t really like Nadech and his family. He believes that Nadech only want to hurt his sister, and he won’t let him. Sara is Nadech’s cousin. She is a spoil girl. What will happen if Sara and Tah meet?

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