Messy Circle of Love Chapter 2 Part 1

Chapter 2
Age 15
“Happy Birthday to you,” sing the crowd. Kimberly look at everyone that was singing the Birthday song for her. She was happy. Than someone tap her on the shoulder. She turn around and saw Nadech.
“Happy 15th Birthday,” say Nadech, handing her a gift bag.
“Thanks,” say Kim
“Do you like the party?” ask Nadech
Kim turn and look around. She loved the party and how they have surpise her.
“Yes, I love it,” say Kim
Marie walk up to Kim and Nadech.
“So what’s up, birthday girl?” ask Marie
Kimberly smile and hug her friend.
“Thanks, Marie,” say Kim
“No, you should thank your boyfriend instead, it’s his idea” say Marie
Kim turn to look at Nadech.
“Is it true? You came up with this party?” ask Kim
“Yes,” say Nadech
“WOW, Thanks,” say Kim, giving Nadech a big hug
“No need,” say Nadech
Kim smile at Nadech.
“Today, you look the most beautiful,” say Nadech
“Thanks, you, too,” say Kim
“You guys can stop being sweet to each other now,” say Marie smiling at them
“Yes,” say Kim
They chatted and tease each other at the party.
When Nadech got home, his mother was waiting for him.
“Where did you go?” ask his mother
“To Kim’s birthday party,” say Nadech
“I already told you to stop messing with her,” say his mother
“But I love her, mother,” say Nadech
“Love doesn’t help, my son,” say his mother
“I don’t care, I love her, and we are going to get married,” say Nadech
“Nadech,” say his mother
Nadech was mad, and decide not to listen to his mother, so he went to his room.
Nadech’s parents are in the living room discussing about Nadech
“We can’t let him do like that,” say Nadech’s mother to his father
“Yes, he have to follow our plan for him,” say Nadech’s father
“Can’t you believe it, he disobey me, and he have done so ever since we move here,” say his mother
“I know,” say his father
“I think we’ll have to move back,” say his mother
“Good idea,” say his father
Nadech and Kim are sitting together outside of her house. Than Nadech turn to Kim.
“Kim, let’s get marry,” say Nadech
“What?! Are you crazy?!” say Kim, nervous
“No, I mean it,” say Nadech
“But we will your parents agree?” ask Kim
“Who cares about them. Let’s just do what we want,” say Nadech
“No, Nadech, we can’t do like that,” say Kim
“Why? You love me, and I love you, so why can’t we do it?” ask Nadech
“It’s wrong,” say Kim
“Ok, than I’ll make my parents accept you,” say Nadech
“That’s the right thing to do,” say Kim
“Wait for me, ok,” say Nadech
“I will, and always will,” say Kim, smiling.
Nadech ran all the way to his house. He went inside the house, and notice that it was half empty. He found his parents in the living room.
“Mom and dad, what’s going on?” ask Nadech
“We’re moving back,” say his mother
“Why?” ask Nadech
“Your father’s done with his work, and have to go back,” say his mother
“No, we can’t go now,” say Nadech
“Why not?” ask his mother
“Because Kim and I are going to get marry,” say Nadech
His mother ignore him.
“We have a few minutes, get ready, we’re gonna go soon,” say his mother
“NO,” say Nadech
He have to tell this to Kim. He ran all the way back. Kim was still sitting in the same place waiting for him.
“Kim, come here, I have to tell you something,” say Nadech
Kim follow Nadech.
“What is it?” ask Kim
“I’m moving back,” say Nadech
“What?!” say Kim
“Yes, I’m leaving in a few minutes, but promise me that you’ll wait for me, promise me that you’ll never love anyone else than me,” say Nadech
Kim look at Nadech sadly, tears filling up her eyes.
“Yes, I promise, and you, too,” say Kim
“Yes, Kim, I promise to come back to you, and when I come back, we will get marry,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Kim
“I have to go now,” say Nadech, running away
“Take care,” yell Kim after him.
She walk numbly back. Marie came to visit and saw her friend.
“What’s wrong?” ask Marie
“Nadech’s moving back,” say Kim
“What?!” say Marie
“Right now?” ask Marie
“Yes,” say Kim
Marie hold Kim tightly and try to comfort her with kind words.
Nadech got back to Bangkok. Now Bangkok is weird to him, since he have live in the country side for 10 years already. He look at his house, and remember that one day. That day when he was 5. He didn’t want to move then, but right now he wanted to move back to where Kim is. His parents came in the house.
“Nadech come here, we have something to discuss with you,” say his mother
“Yes,” say Nadech
Nadech follow his parents.
“We have discuss things and decided that we are going to send you to America to go to school there,” say his mother
“I’m not going,” say Nadech
“Me and your mother have come to an agreement, that if you go and succeed our goals for you, than you and Kimberly can get marry, but if you don’t than we will never let you marry Kimberly,” say his father
Nadech look at them and thought.
“Ok, I’ll do what you want,” say Nadech
“Good,” say his mother
After that Nadech went to his room, and stay by himself. He wanted to be alone, and think about stuffs.
Next month, Nadech is going to go to America. He wrote a letter to tell Kim about it. His parents burn the letter without him knowing it. Kim also wrote lots of letter to Nadech, but Nadech’s parents burn it all, too. Kim was sad that Nadech didn’t write her a letter and that he didn’t replied her letters back, too. Nadech was also stress over the same thing. Marie keeps on telling Kim that maybe Nadech was busy, since business people like Nadech are.
The next month came, and Nadech’s parents send him to the airport. They were happy to see their son go. Nadech was still waiting and hoping about Kim. He didn’t want to go, but he’ll do anything for him and Kim to get together.
Mark, Noona, and Bie met up at the park. They want to spend the day together, since they have been busy studying all day. They are planing to do the things they did when the were little.
“So what do you want to do first?” ask Noona
“You choose,” say Bie to Noona
“No, I want to choose,” say Mark
“Hey, ladies go first,” say Bie
“It’s ok,” say Noona, smiling
“Ok, let’s play “Tag” first,” say Mark
“OK, not it,” say Bie
“Not it,” say Mark
“No fair, I’m always it,” say Noona
“Well, because you’re slow,” say Bie
“Ok, count now,” say Mark
“OK, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,” say Noona, than she starts chasing them.
Kim was sitting on her bed, wandering about Nadech. Marie came into he room.
“Hey, Kim,” say Marie
“Hi, Marie,” say Kim
“Why do you look so sad?” ask Marie
“I miss Nadech,” say Kim
“Come on, he already promise he’ll come back” say Marie
“But I’m not so sure anymore,” say Kim
“Why?” ask Marie
“Well, he didn’t write letters to me, and he never replied to my letters,” say Kim
“So, that doesn’t mean, he doesn’t love you anymore,” say Marie
“But Marie, it have been 2 years already,” say Kim
“Ok, than what about if we do this, you and I will save up our money, than we’ll go visit him in Bangkok, ok,” say Marie
“But will that be right?!” say Kim
“Come on, your his girlfriend,” say Marie
“Ok, lets do that,” say Kim, feeling happier
Nadech met Boy in America and became friends with him. They go to the same school, and they are roommate. Boy and Nadech both talk about love to each other, since they have the girls that they love. Nadech tell Boy about Kim, and Boy tell Nadech about his girl also. They were very good friends.
“My parents want to meet you,” say Chailda to James
“Why?” ask James, he doesn’t want to meet Chailda’s parents.
“James, we have been dating for a long time now, my parents is curious about you,” say Chailda
“I already tell you that I don’t have time for it,” say James
“But, James,” say Chailda
“Stop it, I don’t want to hear,” say James
Chailda stop and turn to face the other way. She don’t know how could she can endure being with James when he acts like this.
Later on, Chailda went to Natwara’s house to discuss about the matter with her.
“James doesn’t want to meet with my family,” say Natwara
“And you know why?!” say Natwara
“Well he say he doesn’t have time,” say Chailda
“Doesn’t have time?! Chailda, he’s lying to you, can’t you tell, he have been making up excuses,” say Natwara
“Natwara,” say Chailda
“Sorry, but I just can’t stand my friend getting hurt like this,” say Natwara
“I’m ok,” say Chailda
Enjoy! :D 

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