Messy Circle of Love Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1
Age 5
“But I don’t want to move!” yell Nadech, crying, and stomping his foot
“Come on, Nadech,” say his mother
“WHY?!” scream Nadech, as he continue to stomp his foot
“Because of your father’s work,” say his mother
“I don’t want to!” say Nadech, stomping to his room
He got inside and cry. His parents have never understand him. They have never let him do anything he wants too.
Nadech look at his house. He was sad to leave his house. He didn’t say anything to his parents on the ride, since he was still mad at them for making him move. The moment he got there, he know that he was going to hate this place. The place was dirty, full of dirt, and it was very hot. He dislike the air, also. He turn back to his parents.
“Is this where we are staying at?” ask Nadech
“Yes,” answer his mother
“Why is it so different from our house?” ask Nadech
“This is the countryside, we live in the city, son,” answer his mother
“I don’t like this place, may we just go back, back to our house,” say Nadech
“No, your dad have some work here, so we need to stay here,” explain his mother
“How long are we going to stay here?” ask Nadech
“For a long time, son,” answer his mother
Nadech sigh. He does not like the idea of staying in the  countryside for long.
“What? A rich new kid from the city is moving here?!” say Kimberly
“Yes,” say her mother
“It is cool,” say her friend, Marie
“When?” ask Kimberly
“Today, and we are in charge to take them on a tour,” say her mother
“Really,” say Marie
“Yes,” say Kim’s mother
“Why us?” ask Kim
“Because your father is the headman of our village,” say Kim’s mom
Marie turn to Kim.
“That is so cool,” say Marie
“No, I don’t want to take care of some snotty rich kid from the city,” say Kim
“Don’t say that Kim,” say Kim’s mother
“Why? Why can’t I say bad things about them?!” say Kim
“Don’t judge them yet, you don’t know them,” say Kim’s mother
“Yes, I agreed with your mother,” say Marie
“You always does, that makes me wonder, are you my friend or my mom’s ” say Kim
“Of course I’m your friend,” say Marie
“Than you’ll have to agree with me,” say Kim
“Ok, ok,” say Marie
Nadech got out and went into his new house. It looks nice, and it’s simalar to his old house. His father walked in.
“Do you like it, son?” ask his father
“Yes,” say Nadech, walking around
“See I told you,” say his father
“Thanks, dad,” say Nadech
“Your welcome, son,” say his father
Nadech survey the house. He likes the house.
“Kim, are you done?” ask her mother
“Yes, mother,” say Kim, getting out
“Ok, let’s go,” say her mother
They went to her father. They have to greet the family from Bangkok.
“Come on, Nadech,” say his father
“Where are we going?” ask Nadech
“To the headman’s house, he’s going to show us around the village,” say his father
His mother took him by the hand and they got inside the car, and head to the headman’s house. When Nadech got there, he was disgusted by their house. It was dirty, and unclean.
“Come on,” say his father
“I don’t want to go, this place is dirty,” whined Nadech
“Come on,” say his father
“No,” say Nadech
“OK, find do what you want, your mother and I are going to go in,” say his father
Nadech watch as his parents leave. He didn’t want to be alone, but he doesn’t want to go either. He have to choose. Finally he pick to go. He open the door, and went with his parents.
“Hello, headman,” say Nadech’s father
“Hello,” say Kim’s father
“How are you?” ask Nadech’s father
“I’m fine, and you?” ask Kim’s father
“I’m also good, too,” say Nadech’s father
Kim’s father look at Nadech, than turn to his father.
“Is he your son?” ask Kim’s father
“Yes, Nadech is my son,” say Nadech’s dad
“He’s very cute,” say Kim’s dad
“Yeah. And what about you?” ask Nadech’s father
“Oh, my wife and daughter are coming,” say Kim’s father
“Oh, and  her name?” ask Nadech’s dad
“Kimberly,” say Kim’s dad
“Her name is nice,” say Nadech’s mother
“Thanks,” say Kim’s father
Than Kim and her mother came in. Nadech stare at Kim, and Kim also stare at Nadech.
“Um, I think we should start,” say Kim’s father
“Yes,”  say Nadech’s father
Kim’s father look at her and Nadech. He thinks that they should stay, since they are little, and won’t have the energy.
“Um, I think we should leave your son, and my daughter here, for my mother to look after,” say Kim’s father
“I agreed,” say Nadech’s father. He turn to Nadech.
“Nadech stay here, ok,” say his father
“No, I want to go, too,” say Nadech
“No, you’re too little, you won’t have the energy,” say Nadech’s father
“But…,” say Nadech
“Listen to your dad, Nadech, we won’t be gone for long,” say Nadech’s mother
“Yes,” say Nadech, close to tears.
Kim look at Nadech and thought,”Why is he such a crybaby?”
Kim’s grandmother took Nadech inside the house, and give him a chair to sit on. Nadech sat there and cry. Kim was annoy. She walk up to him.
“Hey stop being a crybaby,” say Kim
“Kim, why did you say that?!” say her grandmother
“Well, it’s true, he’s a man, but he crys like his a baby,” say Kim
“Kim, your manners,” say her grandmother
“Sorry, grandmother,” say Kim
“Tell him, your sorry, too,” say her grandmother
“Sorry,” say Kim
But Nadech was lost in his world. He keeps on crying and won’t do anything.
“Did you guys have fun?” ask Kim’s mother when they got back
“No, that kid was such a crybaby, he cry the whole time,” say Kim
“Kim,” say her father
“Sorry, but it’s true,” say Kim
“But, remember, he’s higher than us,” say her mother
“So, just because he’s rich doesn’t mean that he can boss us around,” say Kim
“Kim,” say her mother
“It’s ok, she still young,” say her father
“Well, but you can’t spoil her,” say her grandmother
“Grandmother,” say Kim
“It’s don’t listen to her,” say her dad
“Did you have fun?” ask Nadech’s mother
“No,” say Nadech
“Well, tomorrow, you’ll have to staty there agian,” say his father
“What?!” say Nadech
“Yes,” say his father
“I don’t want to,” say Nadech
“Why?” ask his mother
“I don’t like that girl, she call me a crybaby,” say Nadech
“Well, are you?” ask his mother
“No,” say Nadech. He hate to admit that he is one
The next day, Nadech was left with Kim again.  Kim went over to Nadech.
“What’s your name?” ask Kim
“Nadech, and yours?” ask Nadech
“Kimberly, but call me Kim for short,” say Kim
“Ok, Kim,” say Nadech
“What do you want to play?” ask Kim
“Anything,” say Nadech
“OK, let’s play “House”,” say Kim
“What’s “Family”? ask Nadech
“Ok, in “Family” we need a mother, father, baby, and a house,” say Kim
“Ok, than who is going to be the mother, father, and baby?” ask Nadech
“Well,  I can be the mother, and you can be the father, and my baby doll can be the baby,” say Kim
“Ok,” say Nadech
They play for a bit, than Marie came by, and wanted to play. Marie played the grandmother part.
Age 8
“Let’s play “Family”,” say Nadech
“OK,” say Kim
They have played “Family” for many years now, but have never gotten bored of it. It was Nadech’s favorite game.
“Ok, let’s choos characters,” say Marie
“I get mom,” say Kim
“I get dad,” say Nadech
“Ok, fine I’ll be the grandmother,” say Marie
Kim and Nadech smile at each other.
“Ok, let’s start playing,” say Kim
The next day they all decide to do something else. Nadech, Kim, and Marie wander out of the house to see if there was anything to do. They went to the river to go pick the fruits near it. Nadech wants to show Kim and Marie his climbing skills, so he climb up the tree. He was wasn’t careful, and fall into river. Kim and Marie start laughing, but when they heard Nadech cried for help, they stop. Kim couldn’t watch Nadech drowning, so he decide to go in to water and help him. Kim jump in the water and swim to where Nadech is, she help him to the shore.
After that, Nadech never went near the water again. He play “Family” with Kim and Marie all day long. Than one day, Kim ask him about the water.
“Do you want to learn how to swim?” ask Kim
“Why?” ask Nadech
“I want you to know how to swim, so we all can go swimming together,” say Kim
“No,” say Nadech
“Come on,” say Marie
“No, I’m scared of the water,” say Nadech
“It’s ok, at first when I didn’t know how to swim, I was scared, too,” say Kim
Kim and Marie persuade Nadech to do it, and finally he give it a try.
After he learned how to swim, he and the girls also went swimming all day long, too.
Age 12
“Do you want to go make merits with us?” ask Kim, one day
“I guess,” say Nadech
“We are going tomorrow morning,” say Kim
“Thanks for inviting me,” say Nadech looking over at Kim.
“No need, we are friends,” say Kim
Nadech look at Kim.
“But what if I want to be something more than a friend,” say Nadech
Kim stare at him.
“Like what?” ask Kim
“Um, Kim, I have been keeping this feeling inside me for so long now, but now I want to tell you that feeling,” say Nadech
“What is it?” ask Kim
“I really like you, I have like you ever since when we turn 10,” say Nadech
“What?!” say Kim, staring at Nadech
“Yes,” say Nadech
“Well, sinice you confess yours, I should do the same thing, too,” say Kim
“What?!” say Nadech, surprise
“Yes, I like you,” say Kim. Nadech smile at her, and she smile back.
“Maybe our hearts are thinking the same thing right now, that’s why we are confessing to each other,” say Nadech
“Yes,” say Kim
Nadech turn to Kim.
“Kim, will you be my girlfriend?” ask Nadech
Kim smile.
“Yes,” say Kim, and they both hug.
When Kim got home, she couldn’t help smiling to herself. That day whenn Marie came by, she told it all to Marie, and Marie congratulate her.
Nadech was also happy, too.
The next day, Nadech came over. He have ask his parents already and they agree. Nadech was so happy about going. Nadech and Kim hold hands to whole way. Marie was there to watch them. She was happy for her friend. Inside the temple, Nadech and Kim sat next to each other. They walk by each other side. And on the way back they stay with each other.
Enjoy! Hope you guys like Chapter 1. :D



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