Revenge Love

This FF belong to me. So please don’t take any. These are for you to enjoy!
You can either read it in Asianfuse, or here. But my first FF.

Revenge Love
Nadech Kugimiya
Yaya Urassaya
Mint Natwara
Pope Tanawat
Noey Chotika
Boy Pidsanu

Poster credits: Me

Nadech falls in love with Natwara. Buts she doesn’t  take an interest in him, but uses him instead. Natwara only loves Pope since he is a rich guy. Natwara didn’t know that Nadech is a rich guy. When Nadech finds out, he was mad and decided to revenge. He wanted to hurt Natwara by pretending to love her sister, Yaya. But Nadech always annoy Yaya. Yaya dislike the war between them.

          When ever Nadech’s near Natwara, he’ll make Natwara jealous. Natwara was jealous.Nadech force Yaya to do stuffs she dislike. Yaya hated Nadech very much. But later on, Nadech starts to fall for Yaya. Natwara was jealous than ever. She hates Yaya, and will do anything to get rid of her. But what will the outcome be? Will Nadech change himself?
             Noey is Nadech’s spoil sister. She loves to have fun and doesn’t care about anything until she mets Pidsanu. Than she starts to change. Will Noey finally learn? And will Pidsanu love her back?

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